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Whether you are a lover of classic escape rooms, as if you do not have much experience, with Classic by Experiencity you can enjoy 10 experiences with different settings to enjoy a unique and different plan in Valencia. Gather your friends, your couple, your co-workers, your children or family, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!


Use your 5 senses to find your way out of Wonderland and return home. You will stop thinking it's just a children's story...

Avenida Dr. Waksman 5

Nightmare 2.0

The locals of a small village are preparing some kind of sacrifice, in which you will have the dubious honor of participating...

Avenida Dr. Waksman 5

Atraco a Central Bank

You have been chosen to be part of the team that will carry out the biggest robbery in history. Unravel the bank's complex security system!

Calle Salvador Almenar, 4

2076: El apocalipsis

Embark on a unique adventure and save humanity from extinction in our future-themed escape room!

Calle Salvador Almenar, 4

La maldición del Dragón

Enter the castle of Camelot and escape with Drogor's treasure before the mighty dragon emerges from its slumber.

Calle Cofrentes, 18

El secreto de Gordon

Travel back in time to see if you are worthy of carrying on the legacy of your uncle, the great and mysterious inventor Gordon.

Calle Cofrentes, 18

Nuestras experiencias para niños en Valencia

In Classic by Experiencity we have experiences for children! They are adapted for the kids to live an unforgettable day, in which they will always be accompanied by a monitor that will make the experience even more fun and unique. Let's have fun!


Find Dark-boy's hideout and destroy his Titan before he wakes up and it's too late. The future of humanity is in your hands!

C/ Cofrentes, 18 - C/ Salvador Almenar, 4

Agentes del tiempo

An evil Russian spy is going to try to take down the director of the CIA. You have to infiltrate the director's office and put an end to the spy's plan!

Calle Cofrentes, 18

Cazadores de dragones

Rescue Drogor's great treasure, the mighty sword Excalibur, and slay the dragon before it awakens and devours you!

Calle Cofrentes, 18

La tienda de inventos

Discover the mystery hidden in old Gordon's antique store and get out of it in time!

Calle Cofrentes, 18

How to play our escape rooms?

Playing Classic's escape rooms is simple and a lot of fun! You have to gather a team, choose the experience that most appeals to you and come on the selected day at the corresponding time. Your assigned game master will tell you everything you need to know: instructions, basic rules, what your mission is, etc., and will take you into the story. Once the experience has started you will just have to use your logic and work as a team to overcome all the challenges and get out of the game on time. It's that easy!

Gather whole team!

Enter our experiences

Test your skills and logic

Solve the puzzles and escape in time

What is an escape room?

Escape rooms are games in which players are locked in a physical space (usually with several rooms that are unlocked as the game progresses) and must overcome a series of tests and / or puzzles to get out in a certain maximum time. All escape rooms have a story according to the theme of the experience and the tests, as a general rule, are mental.

You will have to test your skills to overcome the challenge before the time runs out!

While you play the experience, you will be accompanied by one or more game masters who will take you into the story playing a character and giving you a hand whenever you need it. Our mission is that you live an unforgettable experience and that you manage to overcome all the challenges!

Where are we

Atraco en Central Bank / 2076 / Superhéroes

Calle Salvador Almenar, 4 (Valencia)

La Maldición del Dragón / Superhéroes / El Secreto de Gordon / Cazadores de Dragones / La Tienda de los Inventos / Agentes del Tiempo

Calle Cofrentes, 18 (Valencia)

Wonderland / Nightmare

Avenida Dr. Waksman, 5 (Valencia)