Atraco a Central Bank

You have been chosen to be part of the team that will carry out the biggest robbery in history, unravel the bank's complex security system!

Up to 7 players
60 minutes
Theme: Action
Ours most intense experience!

Atraco a Central Bank

After months of preparation, you have been chosen to be part of the team that will carry out the big plan.

Once inside the Central Bank and with the guards neutralized, your task will be to unravel the complex security system of the bank and access the vault. Once you have controlled the hostages, you will have a limited time to execute the escape plan and escape with as much loot as possible.

The police will not take long to intervene; their protocol establishes a response in less than 60 minutes in cases of kidnapping with hostages

That will be your limit. When they enter, there are only three possibilities: escape, escape with the money or end up in jail.

Getting into a bank is the easy part, the real question is: will you be able to get out?

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What is the Experience like?

The escape room atmosphere is meticulously designed to transport you to another universe. You'll find yourself surrounded by challenging puzzles, ingenious security devices and hidden clues that will keep you on the edge every step of the way. Your team will not only face physical and mental obstacles, but also time pressure.

Every decision counts, and effective communication and collaboration are key to success.

Where are we

Atraco en Central Bank / 2076 / Superhéroes

Calle Salvador Almenar, 4 (Valencia)

La Maldición del Dragón / Superhéroes / El Secreto de Gordon / Cazadores de Dragones / La Tienda de los Inventos / Agentes del Tiempo

Calle Cofrentes, 18 (Valencia)

Wonderland / Nightmare

Avenida Dr. Waksman, 5 (Valencia)