Find Dark-boy's hideout and destroy his Titan before he wakes up and it's too late. The future of humanity is in your hands!

Up to 21 children
70 minutes
Theme: Superheroes
Our most competitive experience!


The world is in danger! The evil villain Dark-boy and his henchmen have come from far away to dominate humanity and they won't stop until they succeed.

While the brave superheroes of earth fight against the invaders to prevent them from destroying the planet, Dark-boy remains in his lair to execute his evil plan: to create a powerful indestructible titan.

You, Superheroes and protectors of the Earth, must fight together and prevent this from happening at all costs. You must find Dark-boy's hideout and destroy his Titan before he wakes up and it's too late.

Now, the future of humanity is in your hands.

*Children's adaptation of Project C

**Recommended age from 9 years old and up.

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What is the Experience like?

Superheroes is a competitive escape room. Unlike a conventional escape room, the hall escape is the alternative for large groups. In them, instead of interacting with a whole room, you interact around a single object, in which you will find the same type of puzzles and hiding places as in a traditional escape room.

You must divide into teams and compete to complete the mission before the rest!

Perfect for celebrations!

Superheroes is our adaptation of Project C for kids, allowing the little ones to enjoy the same experience but adapted to their age. They will be accompanied at all times by a specialized monitor who will dramatize each scene and make the game totally safe and fun.

Facing this challenge as a team will make the little ones, in addition to having fun, develop a series of skills and abilities very useful in their training.

This collaborative Hall Escape is ideal for birthdays and all kinds of children's events. If you are organizing an event for your kids and want an amazing activity where everyone can participate and have fun, this is your escape room.

Where are we

Atraco en Central Bank / 2076 / Superhéroes

Calle Salvador Almenar, 4 (Valencia)

La Maldición del Dragón / Superhéroes / El Secreto de Gordon / Cazadores de Dragones / La Tienda de los Inventos / Agentes del Tiempo

Calle Cofrentes, 18 (Valencia)

Wonderland / Nightmare

Avenida Dr. Waksman, 5 (Valencia)