2076: El apocalipsis

Join this exciting quest and be the hope for the future of humanity!

Up to 7 players
75 minutes
Theme: Apocalyptic
Our most exciting experience!

2076: El apocalipsis

Embark on a unique adventure and save humanity from extinction in our future-themed escape room!

In the year 2076, the planet is facing its worst crisis, with oxygen shortages bringing humanity to the brink of collapse. Life on the surface has disappeared, leaving only the AFL, anaerobic mutants, as the new dominant species.

Professor Marcus Tesla, a leading scientist, works tirelessly to reverse this situation, researching methods to regenerate oxygen and eliminate the AFL.

Your mission is to enter the BK-437 bunker, where his laboratory is located, and discover clues about his whereabouts or his research.

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What is the Experience like?

2076 is an escape room full of high difficulty games. If you are looking for a challenge, it is definitely the right choice. The mix of technological games with a renewed atmosphere, make it a fantastic option for both experts and for those looking to enter the world of escapism.

Enjoy the experience of saving humanity!

Where are we

Atraco en Central Bank / 2076 / Superhéroes

Calle Salvador Almenar, 4 (Valencia)

La Maldición del Dragón / Superhéroes / El Secreto de Gordon / Cazadores de Dragones / La Tienda de los Inventos / Agentes del Tiempo

Calle Cofrentes, 18 (Valencia)

Wonderland / Nightmare

Avenida Dr. Waksman, 5 (Valencia)