Nightmare Escape Room

An impending storm ruins your visit to Cocken. Luckily, you find a refuge, an apparently abandoned cabin that once belonged to the Miller family. You have no choice but to spend the night there...

Up to 6 players
75 minutes
Theme: Thriller
Our most tense experience!

Nightmare 2.0

In the summer of 1943, 4-year-old Angela disappeared in the small town of Cocken, just weeks before the Miller family moved there.

After a long search yielded no information about the girl's whereabouts, the newly arrived Miller couple came under suspicion. But the lack of evidence meant they were absolved of any guilt.

The residents of Cocken, convinced of their guilt, harassed and pursued them incessantly. The persecution escalated until one day tragedy struck... To scare the Miller couple, they burned two dolls in their yard, but the fire got out of control and reached the house, causing a major fire. Although both survived, the damage and burns were inevitable, feeling how their retinas melt as they tried to escape, causing both to suffer permanent blindness.

After the incident, they decided to move to a small cabin in the woods far from the town, a cabin they built during their stay there. No one ever heard from them again...

Autumn of 1983, Cocken fair.

You and your friends gather in the town to enjoy the festivities, but an impending storm ruins your plans. You run in search of shelter, but the darkness of the night leads you into a forest... You are lost!

A hiker in the area helps you find shelter, an apparently abandoned cabin that once belonged to the Miller family. The storm is about to hit, and you have no choice but to spend the night there. You just need to know that SILENCE WILL BE YOUR BEST WEAPON.

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What is the Experience like?

Nightmare 2.0 is a 100% replayable experience from its previous version, with a new setting, new story, and new challenges. It’s an escape room with medium-difficulty puzzles and riddles, but due to the tension and minimal light accompanying you throughout the experience, solving them won't be so easy. Get ready to enjoy an experience in the shadows!

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