Enjoy a fantasy escape room where you will have to use your 5 senses to find your way out of Wonderland and return home. You will stop thinking that this is just a children's story...

Up to 6 players
60 minutes
Theme: Fantasy
Our most familiar experience!


The Cheshire cat has played a trick on you, he has brought you to Wonderland to test your sanity. Your challenge will be to get to the secret he's been keeping from you so you can escape, but a problem has arisen that no one was counting on:

The Queen of Hearts has learned of your arrival and has ordered your capture!

You will be able to enjoy a world of wonders, but remember: you will have to get out... with your head!

*Adaptable experience for groups of children and families.

**Experience inspired by the universe of Alice in Wonderland.

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What is the Experience like?

Wonderland is a medium difficulty escape room perfect for families. It consists of tests and puzzles that you can decipher as a family, suitable for all members to enjoy the experience, all with a setting that will bring you right to Wonderland.

Enjoy a crazy and fun experience!

Also suitable for kids!

Wonderland is an escape room that has a KIDS version that will allow the little ones to enjoy the same experience but adapted to their age. They will be accompanied at all times by a specialized monitor that will dramatize each scene and will make the game totally safe and fun.

An escape room is an activity that encourages teamwork as well as cooperation and communication among players. It includes games of visual dexterity, mathematical and linguistic logic, imagination and lateral thinking.

Facing this challenge as a team will make the little ones, besides having fun, develop a series of skills and abilities very useful in their education.

Where are we

Atraco en Central Bank / 2076 / Superhéroes

Calle Salvador Almenar, 4 (Valencia)

La Maldición del Dragón / Superhéroes / El Secreto de Gordon / Cazadores de Dragones / La Tienda de los Inventos / Agentes del Tiempo

Calle Cofrentes, 18 (Valencia)

Wonderland / Nightmare

Avenida Dr. Waksman, 5 (Valencia)